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Want to set up your own brewery but don't know where to start?

The digital book “how to set up your brewery”  is the first and only book in Brazil, where you will find everything you need to know to set up your own beer factory, from scratch, in one place.

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And why can we help you?

amMarianna Rabelo, a food engineer specializing in brewing technology from Corvinus University in Budapest, Hungary and my partnerEduardo Neves, is an industrial chemist, master in beers from the University of Brasilia and has been working with beer for 12 years. Oh! And for 5 of those 12 years he was an Ambev brewer!

We operate from layout design and beer factory legalization processes, to industrial startup and business management, delivering standardized beers with high sensory quality to consumers at our client breweries.

In the last year of 2020 alone, we structured more than 20 million reais in investments in breweries and set up the first BrewPub school in the country, in a project developed in partnership with SENAC-MG.

Many beer enthusiasts invest in the acquisition of a structure and buy expensive equipment, certain that they are ready to enter the market, but...

... when registering the factory, take abig scare, becauseare not approved by MAPA. In this way, they need to invest much more money in the project, in addition to losing more months and months until they manage to regularize everything that was done wrong, that is,REWORK

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And it was to avoid all this rework and unnecessary costs that we created this book, which is a consolidation of practical information on how to set up your brewery, from scratch!

Information is passed on in a simple and objective way, without stalling or technical and complicated words about beer production.

You will also get to know the journey of a new brewery owner, that is, what steps an owner should follow when investing in this new business.

This book will help you to change the scenario of unprepared new factory owners, transforming them into conscious entrepreneurs, who know how to invest in the right way in a new brewery, which is approved by the MAPA, sustainable and that delivers quality products to the consumers. its consumers.

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You will know what are the mandatory licenses and registrations and how to get them, to work in any state in Brazil

You will understand how you should structure your brewery into sectors and exactly how the finish and equipment that must be installed in each of them should be so that your structure has a 100% chance of being approved by MAPA, in addition to guaranteeing the quality of your product and satisfaction of your future customers

Find out how much and how you should invest capital to set up your brewery structure and understand the step by step of all the steps that must be followed

Get access to dozens of real documents from other breweries that have already been approved in the MAP, so that you can use them as a basis for preparing and filling out your own documents. These are floor plans, operating procedures, licenses, records, technical responsibility notes and many others.


Who is this book NOT for?

For those who seek information on the chemistry and biology of beer production and believe that only this is important to set up their own brewery.


What will I find in the book?

A guide to help a new brewery owner's journey, including: What steps to take to get your project off the ground; Differences between homemade and industrial beer production; Who can be brewery RT and why; What licenses and registrations are required and how to obtain each one; Which sectors must exist in the brewery, how each sector must be finished and what equipment must be installed; List of trusted suppliers; Models of real documents from already legalized breweries.


Who is this book for?

For people who want to set up or have already started to set up a brewery and are in doubt about what licenses and registrations are needed to legalize their company, what equipment to buy, what a structure approved by the MAPA should look like and how much capital is needed to invest


What will I NOT find in the book?

Information about the beer production process and chemical reactions involved; Information on biochemistry of industrial processes; Information on how to prepare documents (I already present ready-made templates); information on sensory analysis of beers and sommeliers

The first time we set up a brewery, it took us two years. Currently, our team sets up a beer factory, of any size, in just 90 days!

This team work is a complete delivery, where our client leaves our consultancy knowing exactly what he needs to spend to invest in his own factory and how his entire factory installation should be: structure, piping, machinery, sizing, that is, the complete project!

Our mentees invest from 25 to 35 thousand reais in this consultancy to learn how to set up their own complete factory.

In this digital book, we are making available all this knowledge applied in consulting, for an unmissable and exclusive offer...


You have the chance to obtain the complete knowledge that we pass on in our consultancies, for a unique offer!

We are offering you o full content, in digital book format, with all the necessary document templates for MAP approval, information and step by step to obtain the mandatory licenses and registrations, all of this straight to the point, without ado, por only BRL 47.00, less than a pack of the first batch of beers you will produce!

But take advantage now, as this offer is due to end any minute.



If you are afraid to buy and don't like the content, don't worry.  We will offer you 15 days unconditional guarantee!  You download it and if you don't like the content or think it wasn't what you expected, we'll return it to you 100% of the value, without any question.

But if you think this is not the time or you don't need to know the shortcuts to setting up your own brewery and would rather spend years figuring it all out on your own, we understand. This offer is for a limited time. e may no longer be available for you tomorrow.

If you change your mind and want to save your time and money by discovering valuable shortcuts, take this opportunity and guarantee  and get yours soon, before it goes off the air.

Brasilia - DF, Brazil.

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