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Advice for small, medium and large companies. 

The integration between technology and organization is essential for the success of our business. We work with a focus on cost reduction, process optimization and customized solutions for each client. We continually seek to offer creative and innovative solutions. Here at Embu, we take care of the confidentiality of our customers' data. 

monthly consulting

Complete assistance for opening a brewery for the first time. Only for Breweries that produce less than 10,000 liters of beers per month.

Minimum investment: BRL 1,499,00

MAPA pre-inspection inspection

Understand the level of criticality of your establishment, which administrative sanctions you are subject to and  what improvements you must promote to be up to date with the authorities. 

Minimum investment: BRL 9,000.00

Responses to the MAP

For establishments that have suffered notifications, subpoenas or other administrative sanctions and need guidance to respond to authorities and promote internal improvements.

Minimum investment: BRL 9,970.00

Feasibility Study for Breweries

You have the investment, we have the strategy! We prepare your market study, strategic planning and factory design together with you. Within a few weeks you will have your business plan complete and ready to apply (whether starting work, presenting it to investor partners or requesting credit from financial institutions).

Minimum investment: BRL 18,000.00

Process standardization

Are you shutting down an industrial plant and/or installing a new industrial plant? Need to standardize a new machine? Are you going to start a new industry? Count on us that we take care of everything: we standardize the process and train your employees for you.

Minimum investment: BRL 36,000.00

The services described above are available for small, medium and large Breweries/brewpubs. For other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage industries (soft drinks, juices, wines, distillates, kombucha, etc.) the services are only available for factories with monthly production greater than 25 thousand Liters.

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