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How to set up your Brewery

A straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense digital book that identifies and guides which licenses are needed to legalize a brewery in Brazil, which minimum sectors are required and which machines to install in each sector. Over 30 examples of real brewery documents for you to explore. The content of this book is applicable to other alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage industries. Start the right way and make a sure investment!

Author: EmbuConsultoria
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Study Guide 
Brewery Projects

A complete study guide on brewery projects comprising: (1) study manual, (2) editable floor plans and (2) virtual brewery in augmented reality. Understand how to replace equipment and machines for more affordable investment options and visit our 3D factory to understand how to install your machines: we design every valve and every detail for you to know! An important detail: you don't need to be an Engineer or Architect to learn with this guide, you just need to know more about brewery projects! Save smartly on your new business project.

Author: EmbuConsultoria
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